Due to the UK leaving the EU, our courier partner is unable to ship specific items due to Sanitary and Phytosanitary restrictions. The below products are restricted from being sent on our UK <> EU services for the time being and we will update this page when this has been resumed. Any shipment sent with any of the below items (or items similar to) will face the possibility of lengthy checks by customs. If customs are unable to clear your items, they may be returned to origin without notice and without refund. Please check below to ensure any items you are sending are not now prohibited to be sent on these routes.



Perishable Foodstuffs (all)
Items containing animal products e.g Dairy
(This can range in scope to items such as dairy milk chocolate, coffee products containing dried milk, protein powder etc)
Raw or cooked Meats, Fish or other animal products. 
Nuts, Seeds, Fruits or Vegetables (Fresh or dried)
Oils (including cooking oils and items contained in oil)

Cosmetic Items

Many of the below items are already on our Prohibited items list:

Liquids (perfumes, cologne, aftershave)
Creams / Gels / Lotions
Sprays (deodorants, air fresheners etc)

In addition to the above there is a restriction for the amount of non-prohibited foodstuffs (crisps/crisps, biscuits/cookies (without any dairy chocolate) or hard candy) there must not be more than 3KG worth of allowed foodstuffs within any one consignment (not per parcel).

This list is in addition to our standard prohibited items list found here.